PROGRAMME 2018-2019.

December 21 Quiz.
January 25 Club Auction.
February 22 The Prefectural Issues of Japan - Mr G. "Sandy" Sandford.
March 22 Helimail - Mr M. Breward.
April 26 A.G.M and Five Sheets on any Theme.
May 24 Transport on Postcards - Mr R. Martin.
June 28 Car Thematics - Mr M. Elliott.
July 26 Bourse, Flower Show and Convention Arrangements.
July 27-28 Portishead Flower Show.
August 17 Annual Convention.
August 23 Recent Acquisitions.
September 11-14 Autumn Stampex (London)
September 27 Club Auction.
October 25 French West Africa (Part II) - Mr. C Jones.
October28Collectors' Fair (Gordano School).
November 22 Members' Night on the Theme of "Work".
December 20 Quiz.
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